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Many countries throughout the world burn brown coal as a fuel source to generate electricity.  Although brown coal is abundant and relatively easy to access, one of its disadvantages is that it contains up to 65% moisture which significantly impedes its ignition.  In fact, up to two thirds of the energy generated from the burning of brown coal is lost in the process of drying it as it enters the furnace.  Accordingly, many of these power stations have an unenviable efficiency rating of less than 15%.

The high moisture content makes brown coal difficult to grind with conventional equipment, it becomes sticky, it clumps and is laborious to deal with.  Present methods of fine grinding and drying coal involve at least three or more separate processes.  The drying equipment is very expensive, cumbersome and relatively inefficient, to the extent that less than 5 percent of coal presently used in power production is dried before entering the furnace.

DevourX grinds and dries coal simultaneously at high throughput rates.  It converts clumpy wet brown coal into a fine flowable powder that is carried in the air flow into the furnace.  Another major advantage DevourX has over conventional equipment is that it breaks the cellular structure of coal which liberates the colloidal moisture contained within the cells.  The drying efficiency of DevourX can be enhanced by utilising the excess heat that is produced at power sites and which is otherwise difficult to dispose of. 

The employment of DevourX machinery can significantly reduce processing costs and maintenance, it can also substantially reduce the capital expenditure of plant and equipment, reduce the amount of coal to be burnt to produce the same amount of power, which correspondingly reduces emissions and extends the useful life of the coal mines. 

Preliminary testing indicates that utilisation of DevourX machinery to process brown coal for power generation could increase their efficiency by as much as 300%.  Given that hundreds of millions of tonnes of coal is used to produce power each year, the financial and ecological benefits of employing DevourX are invaluable to the user and the community.

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