Grain & Seeds

DevourX can process a wide range of grains and seeds very efficiently.  It processes whole grains and seeds more efficiently than conventional milling equipment due to its ability to fractionate the husk to a finer fraction.

DevourX reduces the number of steps required in the milling process, thereby reducing energy costs and the ultimate cost of the end product.  The flour produced is usually higher in nutritional value due to the absence of heat that is generated by friction in conventional milling processes.

Remarkably, flour made from grains and seeds processed by DevourX do NOT require preservatives to avoid rancidity.  Normally whole wheat flour will turn rancid within 3 months of manufacture, even when it is processed through microwave sterilization and preservatives are added, however, the flour produced by DevourX processing will remain sterile from pathogens for years after processing, thereby eliminating the necessity to use dangerous processing methods and undesirable preservatives.  Truly organic, natural flour can only be produced by DevourX processing.  

DevourX also has the unique ability to repatriate contaminated grains into a high grade flour, by removing moisture and pathogens from it during processing.  This is of substantial benefit in areas where a significant amount of grain is lost due to moisture and pathogen contamination, and in regions where high humidity and rainfall effects production.

In oil extraction processes, DevourX's unique ability to rupture the husk structure makes more oil available than is possible by pressing or solvent extraction methods.

Should separation of the husk be required, this can be achieved by downline systems.


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