Most western countries have now banned the burning and burying of tyres as a form of disposal.  The pollution from burning is obvious, however, many of the problems associated with using tyres in landfill, such as movement of the land many years after it has been filled, are not commonly known.

It is a relatively simple process to remove valuable metal from the tyres and then use a DevourX proprietary method to shred the rubber into the specified size.  It is then necessary to make the rubber brittle by passing it through a nitrogen treatment (or similar method) immediately before entering the process.  The process will then produce a fine rubber crumb to output specifications, of less than 250 micron.  Rubber crumb at this size will sell for in excess of $1,000 per tonne and can be used for a variety of purposes, known to those skilled in the art.

Throughout the world, the majority of tyre retailers are now charging up to $8 and more per tyre for disposal which they in turn pay to the recycler.  Given the millions of tonnes of stockpiled tyres awaiting treatment, this represents a huge and lucrative market for DevourX.


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