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DevourX is a dynamic technology innovation which is at the leading edge of a new "industrial revolution" where most of the machinery we know today will be superseded by far more efficient and ecologically friendly machinery, inspired by nature.

DevourX machines replicate nature by reproducing the forces of a tornado or cyclone.  Solid material is turned to dust and moisture content is reduced simultaneously, without mechanical action.

By utilizing an ingenious technology known as "Aeroacoustics", DevourX machines process without contact, material flows within an air stream caused by voracious suction.  Material particle size is reduced by a combination of simultaneous physical events caused by pressure, vacuum and sound waves.


DevourX is the most effective and efficient fine grinding system available today. Some of the many financial and ecological benefits of DevourX are:
  • Higher processing efficiency
  • Reduction in processing costs
  • Reduction in energy consumption
  • Reduction in maintenance and servicing of equipment
  • Reduction in space requirements
  • The elimination of many handling issues
  • Significant savings in capital construction costs
  • Reduces moisture without heat
  • Eliminates pathogens and odour
  • Maintains nutritional integrity in processed foodstuff


DevourX is suitable for most fine grinding and mixing applications in mining, quarrying, cement production, food processing, power generation, gassification, ingredient processing, farming and in the manufacture of cosmetics, paint, chemicals and pharmaceuticals.  It performs these processing tasks at substantially less cost and with higher efficiency than conventional equipment. 


Next Steps

Take a look at the videos on the videos page and then visit us for a demonstration. We look forward to your company and are confident you will find it a most rewarding experience.


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